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    Unhappy Unanswered: SQL learning resources online


    I have some Access experience with basic select , insert , update and delete SQL background but I would like to improve my knowledge of more advanced features such as INNER and OUTTER joins (creating relationships in pure SQL with no wizard or GUI).I realise that SQL is a massive language, but can anyone suggest the best method to improve on the skills i have, maybe using Access in SQL mode to learn more of the language? Do any of you know of a good internet resource for this? I have a few books but none of them cover the topic at any length, going into any real detail or even explaining the topic properly.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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    Introduction to Structured Query Language
    "Comprehensive SQL tutorial."

    SQL Intrepreter & Tutorial With Live Practice Database

    SQL Tutorial

    aboutSQL by John Ashenfelter
    "Provides information on SQL keywords, functions, tricks, and hacks"
    Site is mostly about SQL Server and includes forums.
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    paul, the jim hoffman tutorial used to be the only decent sql tutorial on the web

    but jim hoffman disappeared, and so did his site, a couple years ago

    you can still get it at, where the latest version is November 2001, 4.76

    karl, you may find some more tutorials on my SQL Links page | @rudydotca
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