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    Question Unanswered: duplicating permissions of a database role

    thanks for reading.

    i would like to create a new database role that has exactly the same permissions as an existing database role. the combinations of permissions are complicated enough to make this a time consuming task worthy of a script of some sort. any suggestions?

    i'm running SQL Server 2000 and can't find anything about copying roles unless it's through DTS from one DB to another. not sure if this is applicable to basically duplicating and renaming a role in one database.

    in case you're wondering why anyone would want to do this you may not be surprised to know that it's a government thing. some policy about differentiating between 2 roles -- even though they currently have exactly the same permissions, the similarities might change in the future.

    thanks in advance for your input.

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    just wanted to kick this back up to the top in hopes of an anwer.

    if anyone knows whether i can (or cannot) do this, i would be greatful to the responder.

    i might even be willing to look up to the heavens and whisper your userid if you can get me past this problem.


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