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    Unanswered: Discovery Link and Datatypes

    I am experiencing some difficulties displaying numerical datasets in their proper format using Information Integrator and would appreciate some feedback on proper query construction. In the example I have included, the database value I wish to retrieve is 2.66. When I construct the standard query:

    "select x from y where x is ..." the value that is returned is displayed as +2.66000000000000E+000

    I am not very familiar with DB2 datatypes and would like to revise the above query to display 2.66. Any suggestions?


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    Try using:

    select DECIMAL(X,5,2) from y where x ...
    M. A. Feldman
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    Thanks for your reply. While it did help, I now seem to be encountering a numeric overflow problem. I've attempted to detail my exact problem. Hopefully someone has encountered this and solved it before. Using the IBM DB2 command center GUI, I'm creating a SQL query. The federated target of my query is an Oracle table with 5 columns:
    Column Name Datatype
    a FLOAT
    b FLOAT
    c FLOAT
    d FLOAT
    f NUMBER
    g NUMBER

    When creating my SQL query I know the return values will be the following:

    a FLOAT 239.9
    b FLOAT 2.38
    c FLOAT -0.74
    d FLOAT -1.26
    f NUMBER 402303
    g NUMBER 55359

    When I attempt to run the SQL query I've created, I receive a SQL0413N Overflow occurred during numeric data type conversion error. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. Here is the SQL syntax:

    decimal(a,5,2) as a,
    decimal(b,5,2) as b,
    decimal(c,5,2) as c,
    decimal(d,5,2) as d,
    integer(f) as f,
    integer(g) as g from
    where f in(1,2,3,4) and
    g = 5;

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