I put together a query to calculate the following formula:

curUnitRetail * intQuantity * (100 - intDiscount)/100

here is the query itself:

SELECT tblOrders.intOrderID, tblOrderDetails.intProductID, tblOrderDetails.curUnitRetail, tblOrderDetails.intQuantity, tblOrderDetails.intDiscount, CCur([tblProducts].[curUnitRetail]*[tblOrderDetails].[intQuantity]*(100-[tblOrderDetails].[intDiscount])/100) AS curExtendedPrice
FROM tblOrderDetails, tblOrders, tblProducts
ORDER BY tblOrders.intOrderID;

I get some pretty weird results, none of which are what i want...

This results of this query is shown as a sub-datasheet in a form. The intOrderID in the query must match th intOrderID from the main form. No clue how to do this. Filters maybe?