I have a user who keeps having to login to Oracle through ODBC in order to view/edit the linked Oracle tables in Access. This occurs constantly within the same Access session. (Example: Open Linked Oracle table "A" , sign in, sees data, closes table, Open Linked Oracle table "A", sign in, etc.)

It's as if the Linked tables are not keeping their connection.

On my PC, I am able to view the linked data with only 1 login during the database session - which is expected.

This user keeps Access open all day on her machine along with several other applications.

We have upgraded her PC on the memory and virtual memory, but it is still having a problem.

The ODBC drivers are identical to the drivers on my PC.

The linked tables had their passwords saved when they were created/linked.

Keeping the linked table(s) open is not an option.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great.
Thanks in advance.