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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Data Access ODBC with ASP

    Hey Guys,

    I'm developping an ASP site with data in an Access 2000 database. After installing the db on my Production server (W2000 Advanced Server), I can manipulate the data correctly (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, ...). When the db is installed on my workstation (Windows XP Pro with IIS), no problem to connect or to read the data. Executing INSERT or UPDATE queries fails while the database is READ-ONLY.
    The only difference between my Advanced Server and my XP-system is the Access ODBC driver (XP-system is release 4.00.6019.00 / Advnced Server system is 4.00.6020.00).
    Can anyone help me with this one or can anyone tell me where I can get the ODBC driver 4.00.6020.00 for Windows XP Pro and how I can install this soft.
    Many thanks...

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    I would check permissions on the database file, the folder it's in, and whatever location the access ldb lock file is being created in... (sometimes the system32 folder?).


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