Well as per a previous post, I have a db2 database on a db2 v7.x AIX server. I have a websphere instance with our Web Content Management System running on my local XP machine, so the applet server is running from my localhost. I have db2 v8.1 on my local machine and have the app configured to load the net driver from the db2java.zip on my local machine.

Unfortunately, I am getting the 'Unsupported JDBC Configuration' exception when trying to raise a connection to the AIX box db2. I have started db2jstrt on port 6789 on AIX and in the jdbc url specify this as the port to connect to. I suspect there is some type of incompatibility between the drivers for each version.

Does anyone know steps to fix this, I don't really understand the differences between the jdbc driver types or which is which in db2?