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    Unanswered: Copy 800MB into SQL through ODBC dsn???

    hello, i am a simple web developer with lots of database administration experience but zero sql scripting experience.

    i need to do a full copy (not delta) of an 800MB UnisysMapper database through an ODBC driver into my Windows SQL 2000 server. it needs to be a script that can be automated to run once a week.

    i dont know where to start. all i have are guesses. is there a quick way of doing this? can someone suggest a quick set of steps for me to get rolling?

    should i record a VB script with DTS wizard and edit it? if so, how do i schedule it?

    should i use a stored procedure (Transact-SQL) instead?

    help please! to give me a quicker answer reply to me at


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    I used DTC job and scheduled that, to suck a lot of data 1GB from a mainframe DB2 into 2000 and that worked a treat.

    The throughput was fairly quick at 5 k-rows/sec.


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