I am looking to serve files out to our community. I have looked all over hotscripts.com and everything there basically sucks. The best free one I have been able to find is paFileDB (http://www.phparena.net/pafiledb.php) but I am not nessasarily looking for a free one, but even something around $200.

I am basically looking for something that has some decent organization features and if it supports multiple mirrors of the same file, that's excellent. Does anybody know of anything free or otherwise that might be what I'm looking for?

Some other sites that have a custom thing going for them that could be used as examples are these sites:

http://www.gamershell.com/news_DemoB...siaSands.shtml (details on the downloadable file)

http://www.gamershell.com/download_4925.shtml (the mirrors offered for the downloadable file.)

I would like the ability to organize my files in endless categories / sub-categories if I want. for example, you go into pc games > action > doom 3 > patches > and then you are to the patches. This way in the "Doom 3" category I could also have demos, trailers, maps, mods, etc.

Is $200 very much to pay somebody to customly code something like this that is comparable to that gamers hell site?

I know very little coding and by most standards, I know none. Can somebody help me or please direct me to a site or something?

Thanks for any help anybody can provide. It's much appreciated!