I have the oddest problem using an ODBC passthough query....

This is something which was working fine for over a year and a half. However, recently we found that when opening an ODBC query the connection will fail (with an odbc connection failed error) or the DB will crash all together leaving the ldb and all.

The odbc error can be trapped so i created a trap and tried again. It went to over 1.000 tries before i stopped it, but no luck there.

In either case i am frustrated, asspecially because of the following.
I found that if i have some time before the ODBC is called for the first time (first records dont need ODBC-ing for some reason) and i go about my work (swithing to Explorrer or other Office/Oracle app) ODBC seems to NEVER fail or crash the DB.

Does anybody have any idea's, anything anybody might have to add is greatly appreaciated.