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    Unanswered: hide subform's column from the main form

    i want a checkbox in the main form so when i click it, it hides the subform's column (use columnhidden ), when i click it again it display the column again. my subform is in datasheet view, my main form in single view
    is this possible?
    hendra gunadi

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    Hi i have been trying to do the same thing, I have tried to reduce the column width = 0,so it appears absent. but when you try to make the column width larger it doesn't work. Maybe you could try it and see how you do. other wise, i have used the checkboxes to lock the columns so you can only enter data into the columns that you have ticked.

    Good luck i would really like to know how you deal with this problem.

    Me.subfrmMast_Detail_Line.Controls("6 mnth").Locked = True
    Nerdy Girl

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