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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to use a Combo Box in a Data Access Page to change the criteria of a query?

    Hi Folks!

    I have saved a Report as a Data Access Page in order to make it update it's data dynamically.

    I would like to add an interactive touch by allowing users to select the information for a particular month.

    To do this, I think I need to put some kind of variable into the "Months" column criteria box in the query, I then need to set up a variable based upon the selected value of a combo box containing all the possible "Months" values. This variable and combo box somehow need to either influence the existing query created in access, or form part of a query based within the Data Access Page.

    I'm afraid all this is speculation. Does anyone out there know a solution to this requirement?

    I'd be very grateful for any advice on this!



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    On your Data Access Page, you should "promote" the selection field as Group heading. Than, for the said group, you should select de field as Filter. I do not remember exactly how it is done, but I did it some time ago

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    Thanks for your idea marp!!

    I had a go and managed to get that technique to work!!

    But ideally I was hoping to display the different reports using a single report in the same space on the page without expanding and collapsing the reports and showing them all together

    Thanks a lot though!! You have provided me with a good second option if I am unable to make the page work in exactly the way I want it to!

    If you know how to make it work in the way I have described above, please let me know how.



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