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    Angry Unanswered: problem after upgrading access database to mssql

    Oke here is the problem. I hope sombody can help me with it.

    After a lot of discussion, I finaly got the people that control the MS SQL server with my appertment as far to allow me to upgrade my access database to the MS SQL server.
    After this I've created an access project. Devellopping in access I concluded I made a mistake in the rowsource property of one of the tablefields. The people that control the MS SQL server don'n allow me to make changes to the database structure from within access. So I've to write a SQL statement to change this.


    fields table1: id_document, id_document_type, document_name
    fields tabel2: id_document_type, document_type_description.

    the field id_document_type from table 1 is defined as a combo/list box tha contains the values from the field document_type_description from table 2.

    I hope somebody can tell me if it is possible to write an SQL statement for this problem and how it shoud look like ?

    thank you
    Peter Dorsman

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    The SQL statement you need to look at, in the SQL Server documentation, is ALTER. You will be issuing an "action query" (i.e. one that does not produce a result-set) containing the appropriate command.
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