Hi, I'd already posted this mail, but am doing so again in the hopes that someone can provide me with a solution.
I have a Siebel application inserting records into a table. An 'after insert' trigger is invoked upon each such insert, this trigger calls a stored procedure passing it the address (table locator) of the inserted record in memory. The stored procedure then fetches the record and writes it to a remote MQSeries queue. A commit is only issued by the inserting Siebel application. In this case, the whole process is a single unit of work, so that if a record cannot be written into the queue, it will not be inserted into the table, and vice versa.
The problem is that the commit is not reaching or being recognised by RRS where the stored procedure and the mqput program are running and hence, the msgs are not getting committed to the xmit queue (only if they get committed do they go across to the remote q).
Only if I issue an MQCommit does the process work, but that defeats the purpose of the design, even the RRS commit (SRRCommit) does not work, which is unexpected as it is supposed to do the trick. The consensus here is that we are missing something, because RRS is supposed to take care of the commit or rollback by the inserting Siebel application and transmit it across to MQSeries. This is not happening. Can anyone provide an answer? This is an urgent issue so quick replies will be highly appreciated.