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    Question Unanswered: dbase app creating odd files

    We have recently moved a Dbase/Clipper application from a Netware Server to a Linux server.

    It has been about three months and we have found that, so far without rhyme or reason, that files are created in the Dbase app folder. these files are names with a random 8 text characters with no extension. Upon looking at these files with a viewer, there are lots of characters with some being recognizable from the application.

    Any ideas where these files are coming from? We are not experiencing application meltdowns or errors that would give hints to these file formations.

    bonzo just a little clueless of the origin of files. ugh.

    thanks for any ideas in advance!

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    I haven't worked with either of those tools on a Linux system, but chances are they are some sort of temp files created by running the application.
    You may try changing a temp files setting to another directory and see if they move. In which case they should be able to be safely deleted periodically.

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