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    Unanswered: Missing NULLID.SQLLD003 package

    Server: DB2 V8.1 with fixpak 3 running on AIX V5.1 maintenance level ??
    Client: DB2 V7.2 with fixpak 8 running on AIX V5.1 maintenance level ??

    We're receiving an SQL0805N error (SQLSTATE=51002) with the missing package being NULLID.SQLLD003. I've tried the 'usual' binds (db2 bind ... blocking all grant public) from the client using the db2ubind.lst & db2cli.lst bind lists, but the problem still exists.

    Does anyone know what is used to create SQLLD003 and/or what the 'purpose' is of that package?

    Thanks for your time & assistance.


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    Well, I can help with part of your question:

    All CLI packages start with SQLL, the dynamic packages have a format of SQLLyzxx

    y = Size and cursor hold:
    F - small with hold
    C - small no hold
    D - big with hold
    E - big no hold

    z = Isolation level:
    0 - Cursor Stability
    1 - No Commit (as/400 only)
    2 - uncommitted read
    3 - read stability
    4 - repeatable read

    xx = copy number in hex

    Have you checked to see if this package is actually missing? Sometimes, it is there but the user doesn't have execute privilege.
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    Just noticed your versions. I strongly suggest applying the 10a fixpack to the client.

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