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    Unanswered: enter single parameter for multiple queries

    I have a report comprised of two subreports (eventually 4 or 5 if I can get this to work), each based on an individual query. The parameter for each query would be the same date but from different fields in different record sources (tables). I'm trying to figure out a way to prompt the user for the particular date once to be used by all the queries subsequently producing appropriate subreports and final report.


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    One way that you could do this is to create a form which has a text box so the user can enter a date and a command button to open up the report. From this each recordset on each subreport can reference the text box on the form.

    This would be the criteria you will use in your queries on the date fields.

    There are quite a few different ways of doing this but I believe that this way is probably the easiest.

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