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    Question Unanswered: where to begin learning sql/oracle?

    hi i am a beginner in database.i am graduating this semester from college but hard to get a job.i have taken a oracle class in college. but didn't learn a whole lot. can someone guide me where to begin or any free tutorials so that i can get going soon ..thanks i have some knowledge about creating tables and inserting values..

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    While not Oracle-specific, here are some good SQL sites:

    Introduction to Structured Query Language
    "Comprehensive SQL tutorial."

    SQL Intrepreter & Tutorial With Live Practice Database

    SQL Tutorial

    aboutSQL by John Ashenfelter
    "Provides information on SQL keywords, functions, tricks, and hacks"
    Site is mostly about SQL Server and includes forums.
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    paul, the jim hoffman tutorial used to be the only decent sql tutorial on the web

    but jim hoffman disappeared, and so did his site, a couple years ago

    you can still get it at, where the latest version is November 2001, 4.76

    cyrusstcloud, you may find some more tutorials on my SQL Links page | @rudydotca
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