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    Angry Unanswered: Restoring DB for files...

    In order to copy a database from a server to a server, I cant detach the database as there are many users connected to it. The transaction log is large file while the data is about 46 MB, I made a backup for the data file only, zipped it and copied it to the target server.
    Ex: the name of the source DB on the source server is x, the file I took as a backup for is x-data
    From the Enterprise Manager, right-click the x DB, All tasks, Backup database, in the backup option click the File and Filegroup option and chose the primary file group with x_data file.
    Then, I created a new database name it y with y_data , y_log files on primary filegroup. I want to restore my backup to have the DB x on my target server,
    I tried:
    FILE = 'y_data',
    FILEGROUP = 'primary'
    FROM disk= 'E:\VMS\DBFiles\test'

    But it did not work. Any help?


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    what is the error you are getting ???
    Get yourself a copy of the The Holy Book

    order has no physical Brett in The meaning of a Kaiser . -database data

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