I’m linking to Oracle TABLE_X.column_Y (varchar) in Access. Column_Y converts to a memo field and shows BOX symbols for each carriage-return/linefeed. The way my original/front-end text is formatted (including carriage-return/linefeeds) is what I need to see in the Access output.. I NEED TO KEEP THEM by replacing the BOX symbols in my Access environment. Have experimented with Pass-Through queries with success in removing the symbols but this is not what I need.

Select replace(replace(column_Y, chr(10), ‘ ‘), chr(13), ‘ ‘) from table_X

(I also changed this to place ‘XX’ in place of the BOX symbols hoping to replace all XX’s with carriage-return/linefeeds in Access but without success so far.

A disadvantage of using the Pass-Through is that I will have to connect to my database every time I need to bring back a record this way.

What I really need is a method INSIDE Access to convert the symbols. I have read about vbCrLf but do not know how to use/if it is suitable for use in this instance. I still need a way to read the BOX symbols and I don’t think they are recognized as any character the way they are??