Hi Guys,

I have a VB - ODBC related question. In one of our VB applications, some recordsets are created using dbsqlpassthrough option whereas someothers are not. I understand during creating recordset, if dbsqlpassthrough is not specified, Microsoft Jet engine is used to translate your SQL and if specified, this directly calls ODBC to access underlying database. I want the application to either use dbsqlpassthrough everywhere or nowhere. Modifying the application is hell of a task. Is there a way to set this parameter globally in ODBC or somewhere else to ignore this parameter or always use this, without application returning errors. This is a snippet of the code.

Set rs = gDatabase.OpenRecordset(sqlstr, dbOpenDynaset, dbSQLPassThrough)
and in other places
Set rs = gDatabase.OpenRecordset(sqlstr, dbOpenDynaset)

The reason i want to do this is, the application is connecting to an Oracle database. If i'm connecting to the application as database owner, the application works well. But if i'm creating a seperate oracle user will all privileges to the database owner, the application is failing where dbsqlpassthrough is specified. Where not specified, Microsoft Jet engine is called and it substitues the SQL with database owner prefix and all. So, the application works someplace and someplace it doesnt. Any solutions for this problem?

Microsoft ODBC for Oracle ver. 2.575
OS: Win2000/NT