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    Unanswered: Server Name/Cube Name Changes and Excel

    We have a large user community that have created a number of MS EXCEL spreadsheets using MS OLAP Cubes as their input. Every month, once the cubes have been updated, the users can "refresh" their spreadsheets. These spreadsheets range from simple to complex, depending on the user's skill set and task to be performed.

    Here is the problem... We are in the process of moving the cubes to a new server and the cube names are changing due to new Naming Standards. What can we do to minimize the impact to our user community?

    Thank you all for your input

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    Re: Server Name/Cube Name Changes and Excel

    Haven't tried this but it's worth at least testing I think:

    How about just creating a virtual cube that's linked to the "new" cube on the new server. If the virtual cube has the same name as the older version, the user should not see a difference.

    I don't know anything about performance issues though, you might need to test this first.


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