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Thread: Import Problems

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    Unanswered: Import Problems

    Hi, I'm trying to import a .dmp file into a blank database.

    my command is: imp mgr@SID_Host fromuser=**** touser=sys log="mylog.log"

    I got this message:
    Connected to: Oracle8i Release - Production
    JServer Release - Production

    Export file created by EXPORT:V08.01.07 via conventional path

    Warning: the objects were exported by ****, not by you

    import done in WE8ISO8859P1 character set and WE8ISO8859P1 NCHAR character set
    . . importing table "table1" 451 rows imported
    . . importing table "table2" 2290 rows imported
    . . importing table "table3" 2387 rows imported
    . . importing table "table4" 338 rows imported
    . . importing table "table5" 433 rows imported
    . . importing table "table6" 44 rows imported
    . . importing table "tablen" 0 rows imported
    About to enable constraints...
    Import terminated successfully with warnings.


    My problem is that when I tried to query a table or "desc table" using SQLPlus, I end up with a "OBJECT table1 does not exist" error. The import says that I have imported the tables, but I can't access them.

    Does anyone know what I did wrong? How do I have to change the character set to my new database?


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    You imported into SYS (not recommended).

    I imagine you did not log in as the SYS username so naturally you cannot see it's objects.

    Import into the schema you will be logging in as.
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    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I see the data now.....I added "full=y" to the command and it works!

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