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    Question Unanswered: Simultaneously query different databases

    Hopefully, the following questions are sensible:

    Is it possible to use SQL to simultaneously query databases that are located in different places on the network?

    Is it possible to create a "virtual table" or "temporary table" that consist of all the tables from the various databases that is needed in the query and then query "one table" instead of sequentially accessing each and every database?

    For example, There are two separate databases that I query on a daily basis, an Oracle Database within the Hospital Contract Management Application and an Oracle Database within the Enterprise Warehouse.

    Now, the password utilized to access each database is different.

    Thanks in advance for insight!

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    Re: Simultaneously query different databases

    Since this is Oracle, the answer is to use a database link. Then you can refer to tables from various database in a single query like this:

    select a.x, b.y, c.z
    from a@db1, b@db2, c
    where a.x = b.x
    and b.y = c.y;

    See this link for more details:

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    Post Creating Database Links!

    Thank you.

    I performed a cursory review of the Oracle website and the information regarding the creation of database links is quite interesting! I never knew that was possible but thought that I would pose the question.

    I will further explore the creation of database links.

    It appears that one could simultaneously query Access Databases and Oracle Databases.

    What about Oracle Databases and non-relational tables within an Excel workbook?

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    >What about Oracle Databases and non-relational tables within an Excel >workbook?
    It is just a Small Matter Of Programming (SMOP)!
    Is "non-relational tables" an oxymoron?

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