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    Unanswered: SQL Server Agent Jobs and a frequency < 1 minute

    Just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to create a SQL Server agent job that ran once every 30 seconds. I can't enter a value below 1 minute when editing the job schedule in Enterprise Manager.

    Alternatively, I can create duplicate stored procedures and set one to run on the minute and one on the half minute. Thought there might be a better alternative to this though and I'll always have to be remembering to makes changes to both sprocs.


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    Look up


    in BOL...

    But what need to run every 1/2 minute?

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    The minimum interval you can set via sql job scheduleing is 1 minute.

    To be more frequent than a minute, You can wrap up everything you need to run in one stored procedure "procA". Then create a job like this:

    while 0 = 0
    exec procA
    if @@error = 0
    WAITFOR DELAY '000:00:30'

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the replys. Went on vacation the night I made the post and have just returned to the office this morning. Rding, I'm going to try what you reccommended now. I think that looks like it will work. Thanks =)

    Brett, my application uses a SQL backend and MSFT Notification Services to place telephone calls, faxes, pages, & e-mails (using custom VoiceXML c# libraries that I have written). A user must confirm reciept of a notification within a certain time period or the app will either retry the user on the same device or move on to another contact device. I have a sproc which scans a db table looking for non confirmed events that have exceeded the timeout period (deliver time vs. now), plus notifications that were not delivered and 'held back' because of a voice port overload (100 ports vs 200 notifications). I need to run this proc on a more frequent basis than once a minute so that we're not sitting with open ports that could be consumed by outgoing notifications. I'd use a trigger to do this but I have to rely on non-events to escalate calls (for reasons I wont get into).

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