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    Post Unanswered: insert large data into clob datatype columns using sqC files

    I have the table structure
    TABLE equip_data (
    line_no INTEGER NOT NULL,
    xml_data CLOB(5M) NOT NULL,

    I have to read a flat file containing xml data in different lines. I have to read each line and load it into this table using .sqC . After reading the line from the file using C++ programme, i have the long string. I want to pass this file to an sqC programme which will insert the data in the table. I am not sure how to handle the insert for CLOB datatype. How do i declare host variables for it and how do i pass it to the insert statement? Is there any data structure that i can use like loc_t in informix for text datatype? Pl let me know.
    Thank You.
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