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    Unanswered: I am still having date problems!!!

    I know this problem has been addressed by other users--but it still wont work for me--so i am hoping someone will have another solution!!! I am working with Access 2000, need to do a mail merge..All data merges just fine, except i CANNOT get the date field to format properly. Here is what i have tried: {MERGEFIELD Date \ @ "dd/MM/yy"}. The result:011004.Then someone else suggested {MERGEFIELD Date\@"dd\MM\yy"\* MERGEFORMAT}. Then Alt-F9 to hide field codes, run the mail merge and NOTHING but the date 011004. Just for clarification--my date field IS called Date...Does anyone know of anything else???? I am sorry to duplicate the question--but i need help!

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    Date problems

    Me too, but that's women for you...

    This may be worth a try;

    Read this link then add the makeusdate module into your db.

    Then refer to your date field as USDate(makeusdate(yourfieldname)) in your query.

    Let me know if this works
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