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    Red face Unanswered: Access Woes....

    Hi all, I am very new to the world of Access and databases. I decided to create an Access database for hardware inventory purposes. We are using Windows 2000 and Office 2003. Not wanting to wade through countless books on Access, I bought a copy of 'Access 2003 for dummies' (these books have served me well in the past) I created my table using the design interface, run the forms wizzard to pull data from the table and even created a page to make a nice, easy webpage to enter data. It looked (and worked) very well while testing.

    I treid to 'break' the database by enterering correct/incorrect information and the db held up well. no problems whatsoever.
    I am the only person to have access to this db at present time.

    So today, I started the lengthy process of entering all of my data. I entered a little, took a break/did other things, then went back and entered more data and on and on and.....

    I entered information for record #78, clicked the new record button and a blank record #79 appeared on my screen. At this point I could no longer enter data into the page! I couldn't even change or add to the data that I had entered. I couldn't create a new record, pretty much nothing works for me now. My data is still there and can be viewed by looking directly at the table or by clicking the right/left arrows on the website. But that's it.

    I have waded through the 'dummies' book and even some publications from Microsoft, searched websites etc and I can find no logical kind of answer as to why something that worked for 78 records can no longer have any modifications or additions made to it. I stumbled across this site, looked around the posts and thought "if somebody can help me it will be one of these users"

    So, any ideas?
    I wish I could supply a link to the snazzy webpage that I setup but it's on a Intranet and can only be viewed by people on our LAN.

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my Access life-story.


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    Access Help

    Dear David

    I have used Access for countless situations and I have found that the best way to enter data and not have some of the problems that you sound like you are having is to not use Data access pages. I create my forms for web from scratch. I use Dreamweaver MX to code all pages using either ASP (Active Server Pages) or CFM (ColdFusion). These are proven on the web as viable technologies and have served me well.

    My personal opinon is not to use Microsoft Data Access Pages because the jury is still out. The idea is great but they have been flawed in a number of different ways from the beginning with Access 2000, 2002 and as you are finding out with 2003.

    This may not what you want to hear and the amount of time to hard code may not be in your best intrest at this time... Sorry.

    Try using Dreamweaver to help you design a web form. Access is for housing data Dreamweaver is for building web sites and pages.

    You might try building Access forms. they work great! You would do good to learn some VBA to help make them really work but you can get by with the dreaded wizards (I hate the wizards). Contact me any time.

    Tim Early
    MS Access MOS Expert, CIW

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