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    We are running an ASE 12.5 on a Winnt4 Ent. Edt. I have noticed that the application we are using is demanding 16k cache a lot. The server was configured with a 2k pool 1.7Gb, 4k pool 100Mb and a 16k pool 200Mb. I have changed this to 2k=1.4Gb, 4k pool=100Mb, 16k pool=500Mb. I can tell that the server is using between 1.7Gb and 1.9Gb total cache and not the whole cache. The top 4 tables are using a total of 1,3Gb cache. The problem is that I can´t tell which cache pool (2/4/16k) these tables are using in order to configure the pools. The question is, I want to know exactly what tables are using what pool. Any ideas?

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    Re: Cache

    You can use the new MON tables (since 12.5.1) to obtain a lot of details about this type of issue.

    1) Why don't you create a specific named cache for your 4 tables ?
    2) create a named cache for the log and give it a 4K buffer pool
    3) then remove the 4k buffer pool of your other caches

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