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    Red face Unanswered: please help me out: jdbc connection problem

    im beyond all frustration now. i posted earlier last week and had 72 views of my thread but no responses. there must be someone who is capable of helping me out.

    heres the deal, ive downloaded and installed the latest versions of myql-connector/J and mysql, and i have j2sk1.4.2_03 installed also. i run xp and red hat 8.0. obviously im doing something wrong because i recieve the same SQLException on both os.

    for some reason, i cannt get my driver to connect. it is loading, that i am sure of. as for the classpath, to me is looks good but then again . . . i m posting this. my driver ( mysql-connector-java-3.0.10 ) 's jar path is in my classpath, as well as the folder that contains it. i feel as if i have now linked my whole computer to my classpath.

    i have no idea, and this has been going on since the 10. my last post was on the 15 of january is anyone wants to read it. there i have code snippets.

    please tell me from scratch what to do and its done. thank you if you can help, if not, thanks for trying.


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