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    Unanswered: SelfPacedSQL.MSFT

    Hi All,
    I need a huge help ! I am planning to prepare for MCSE 70-228 exam.
    Have a desktop computer with windows XP on it, not connected to any network. I am using the Micosoft SQl server 2000 System Administration book for practice. Now my question is, the book is saying that " Ensure that you are logged on to the SelfPacedSQl.MSFT domain controller as Administrator". Can any one help me how to configure my computer as SelPacedSQL.MSFT as domain controller.

    I am sure Brett will come up with something !

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Unless it's XP Server, you'r SOL. You cannot make an XP Home or XP Pro box a domain controller. Sorry.

    Why do you need a Domain Controller for this?

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    I was trying to configure setting up and testing a linked server, just for practice but i could not ? I could not figure out why every practice session in this book (Microsoft SQL server 2000 system Administration) is saying that " Ensure that you are logged on to the SelfPacedSQL.MSFT domain controller as administrator". Do you have any clue ?

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