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    Question Unanswered: Changing Printer Settings

    hello, am developing a access application.

    Components of the application

    1) An access form as a front end.
    2) Linked SQL Server tables.
    3) SQL stored procedures which performs the processing.
    4) Access Reports

    Basic Idea

    Using the access front end we invoke the SQL stored procedure which fetches and process data and saves it in a SQL server table. then the data from that table are fetched and are used to generate reports in Access.The reports are generated and converted to PDF format using Acrobat Distiller.

    The Issue:

    there are around 11 reports which have predefined printer settings.The problem I face is once the processing part is over in SQL server.some of the reports's printer settings are getting changed resulting in bad output.How can I handle this.I have also tried changing the settings in run time but in vain.please help.this is a critical issue

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    Lightbulb but in vain.?

    Please expand.

    Changing reports at runtime requires that they are first opened in design view - Im sure you knew that anyway.
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