i want to know something.
i am working on sun solaris.
i have opened a file and came out by ctlr-Z i.e. still i have not comeout from file.
i do it two times...so i am accessing that file two times right now.
at this time what will be entry in number of link filed in inode and how i can see that field, simply by ls -lrt or sometingh else i will have to do .
i am asking this question since i read someting related to link in this forum only which was like as below.......

When deleting files, the data part isn't disposed of until all the filename parts
have been deleted. There's a count in the inode that indicates how many filenames
point to this file, and that count is decremented by 1 each time one of those
filenames is deleted. When the count makes it to zero, the inode and it's
associated data are deleted.

Bye the way, the count also reflects how many times the file has been opened
without being closed (in other words, how many references to the file are still
active). This has some ramifications that aren't obvious at first: you can delete
a file so that no "filename" part points to the inode, without releasing the
space for the data part of the file, because the file is still open.

please see. it is not doing like this on my system.