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    Unanswered: task scheduler

    hi everybody,
    i have a java web application (JSP) working on a oracle 9i db server. i have this problem. i have to change a flag in a table if today is a date newest than the date value stored in another table.
    i try to explain better:
    in table A i have a DATE field (called END_DATE) with a date stored by my application. if today > END_DATE.value then i have to set a flag in a table B.
    can i use some Oracle scheduler that check periodically that condition?
    should i implement a java class (polling table B, checking the value and, eventually, setting the flag in table B) and give it to the Oracle server engine?
    is there another better solution?

    thankx a lot,


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    Re: task scheduler

    Take a look at Oracle's DBMS_JOB package. You can schedule a PL/SQL procedure to be run every minute, hour, day or whatever you need.

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