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    Question Unanswered: Pivot Table Virgin

    okay. i need to take a form from access and, i'm guessing, bring it into a pivot table. i have a form that has advertisers in a catalog with their publication dates, issues and advertisement details. i need to somehow bring that into a pivot table or other set-up with a pull down menu so that i can choose a catalog and see all the corresponding information.
    forgive my "newness", but please offer some help if you can!
    thank you!

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    Not sure I understand fully, but if you have the Form in Access, it is most likely based on a query.

    In Excel, go to Data > PivotTable, then select "External data" and in the resulting dialog box, choose MS Access, then OK, then navigate to the query underlying the Form. Go through the appropriate dialog boxes, and then finally import the data.

    After that data is set, you can select Layout and position the items wherever you desire (drag and drop). Once you click OK, then you can go to each field and select by dropdown list what you want to see.

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    pivot tables

    it is from a querry in access right now, yes. i will try your directions n yor post. thank you so much for responding.

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