I've programmed a fairly complex Access database and now i need to know how to do the following:

My boss is interested in sharing this database with other divisions of the company as is, but he also wants to add more information and keep that from being passed out.

Each entity in the database has a massive amount of information linked to it. For that reason, there are about 9 tables that are related via the primary key, and all contain information about each record.

Now, i'm asking the group what is the best way of adding new records to this database and keeping them from ever being read by other people in the company.

I've thought of password protecting the database, but there are dozens of FAQs on the internet about hacking access passwords. My primary thought right now is to duplicate the database and store the confidential information in that database, while linking the tables to the original database. Theoretically, I believe this would serve to keep all of the original information, withhold the new information from being passed out, and keep the original database in the same condition it was in.

I've never done this before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, am i write in saying that the original database is not modified when a secondary database links into it? I do not want to modify the original database in any way. The link between the tables would ideally be read-only so the original data is read.