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    Unanswered: Query based on workgroup user

    We have a database with multiple salesmen and quotes.

    Right now, they can bring up quote reports via a combo box that lists all of the salesmen right our of the salesman table. When they select a salesman, it loads the reports for that salesman.

    The problem is that we want to be able to only allow a salesman to see his quotes, but allow the managers to see all quotes.

    I can feed the report combo box via a query instead. Is there a way to capture the workgroup login name and use it to automatically modify a query to only show the salesmen that user is supposed to see?

    Thanks, and I only have sample data in the dB right now, so I'd be more than willing to sed it if someone want's to take a look @ what we've done.


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    Have you tried CurrentUser()? THe only drawback is that if the System.mdw is used then all users will appear as "Admin" ...

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