I have a Access 2002 report that uses the running sum function in the control source property.

In the detail section I have a a text box named Sum Wages that is set to invisible. The control source is set as follows:

=[State Wages]
The running sum property is set to 'Over All'

In the page footer section there is a text box named Total Wages that is set to visible, the control source is set as follows:

=[Sum Wages]

The results of running the report at this time shows that only the last value (from State Wages) is in the page footer (=[Sum Wages]). It appears that the running sum is not working.

Also I seem to be having problem with the function =sum([state wages]). when using this function in the detail line produces a #error on the printed report.

This report was working in pervious versions of Access 2000, but has stopped working (appearantly) in Access 2002 SP2.

Any help, clues or directon on how or why the running sum or =sum functions are not working for me would be appreciated.