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    Unanswered: Access Denied to SQL Server 2000 after the OS upgrade to W2003

    I cannot connect to the remote SQL Server 2000 running on this machine that has just been upgraded to the W2003 server. Everything worked perfectly before the upgrade on W2000. All the logins, firewall setting stayed the same. Can ping the machine.
    But when trying to register/link, or connect thru ODBC, I got the error
    SQL server does not exist or access denied.
    We don't have SQL server SP3 installed.


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    Can you register it by IP? Win2003 comes with everything closed. I didn't have much chance to play with it, but see if TCP/IP is selected in Server Network Configuration, and if the port (1433) is still the default port.

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    Yes, on both machines the TCP/IP is selected, 1433 a default port, SQL authentication.
    Remote machine: W2003 + SQL server 2000
    My machine: w2000 + SQL server 2000
    Everything worked fine for the past year until the upgrade of a remote machine we did this past tuesday

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