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    Unanswered: why - How Solve?

    I have a question:
    why when we call a stored procedure in delphi
    that the return in Null (Example Not Match data with our Select)
    Error occured?
    Please help me .
    thanks alot.bye.

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    It's probably an issue within Delphi. I can't think of anything in SQL server that would cause this. Are you trying to assign the value to a variable that won't accept nulls?

    Please post the error you receive and that may help get you an answer.
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    Comment (Please Answer)

    hi Dear,Thanks For attention
    For Example If I have A Storedprocedure in SQL Server2000
    that get a one Parameters and Return the result to Show in Grid in Delphi.

    CREATE PROCEDURE show @id1 int AS
    select * from mytbl where id=@id1

    Now If i use this procedure with ADOStoredProc In "ADO Tab" Delphi
    with this Format:

    ADOStoredProc1.Parameters.ParamByName('@id1').Valu e :=strtoint(edit1.text);
    ADOStoredProc1.Open ;

    It works Properly until I never use a ID that There is not in Table.
    If I call this Stored Procedure with ID that the result of Select Is NULL,
    for the next Time This Error Occured:

    "Project raised exception class EOleException with message 'Either BOF or EOF is True,or the current record has been deleted .Requested operation requires a current record'.Process stopped.Use
    Step or Run To continue.

    If You Have a Sample Program That Work Properly Please Email me.
    Thanks alot.

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