I am currently using a standard Switchboard (created using the Switchboard Manager) in my MS Access 2002 Database, and want to convert this to DAP or ASP format.

Unfortunately, the layout of how it updates the switchboard list is getting me rather frustrated (When I convert the Switchboard to DAP it comments out all of the Procedures and Funtions), and I ned to be able to re-use the default procedures and functions to navigate through the switchboard.

Ideally I need to do this in a single Dynamic ASP or DAP Page (that will work the same way as the default Switchboard Form in Accsss - eg: Re-create the list without having to re-create the entire page).

Can sonwone help me with a general sample of script that displayes how to get the list to dynamically update with an "onclick" event for the "option(X)" Buttons, and this updates the "Lable(x)" Captions, etc.

I would also apreciate it if this could be utilised to open the corresponding Forms (also planned to be converted into ASP or DAP) for 1) Adding 2)Modifying 3) Deleting or 4) Viewing the information (EG: under "Viewing" the rs("Controlname").values will be listed similar to <p> The Control Value is: & rs("Controlname").Value & At this time <.p>)

I also need similar script for Reports etc (Basically, all 6 options thta are the default of the standard Access Database - WHere option 6 "Exit this Database" will revert to "Log out of Administration View")...

Thanks all