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    Unanswered: JRE version on Oracle 9i


    I have oracle database in HP unix machine and I am using oracle 9i client installation in my PC to loadjava classes into the database the current version of jre that comes with oracle client is 1.1.8 whenever i load java classes into the database I have compilation errors.

    is it becasue my classes are compiled using sdk 1.4.2 and the jre should be 1.4.2 or later.

    could any one told me if I have to change loadjava.bat file to point to other jre.

    I though that I must change the classpath and the jre call in the loadjava.bat file, I manged to change the class path but when I've tryied to change the jre.exe path to 1.4.2 i did not found the jre.exe under the 1.4.2.
    so does jre.exe comes with jre 1.4.2? because I've installed 1.4.2 and it does not have jre.exe.

    Many thanks,

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    I'm not an expert here, but i don't think you can change the jre of the database, which is the one used by your classes once loaded INTO the database.

    You should AFAIK compile your java files using the JDK version of the Oracle jre (or older), not the opposite.

    I believe that the JRE of 9i is 1.3.1 but please check the Oracle documentation - i stress that i'm not an expert here.


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