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    Unanswered: DataBase Link Problem

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm try to connect 2 physical db server using database links but unable to do architecture information is as follow.

    server 1
    Operating system = windows NT 4.0
    system name = nt_server
    SID(DB) name = shifa

    server 2
    Operating system = windows XP
    system name = dbserver
    SID(DB) name = shifa

    Connection Strings (Developer 6i SQL)

    NTS for server 1
    DBS for server 2

    DataBase names are same in both servers i.e "Shifa".

    Please tell me the Query to create DATABASE LINK
    what changes i should make in the server(s) settings.
    and how to verify that DataBase link is working.

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    Ensure you have GLOBAL_NAME=TRUE in you init file for both databases.

    Create database link as follows: on server 1

    sql> Create database link globalnameofotherdatabase connect as userid identified by password using 'tnsnameentry';

    globalnameofotherdata - this is the identification of the other database
    userid = user that you want to connect thru the dblink
    password = above user's password

    tnsnameentry = tnsnames.ora service name ...

    Change the global name of the databases to match the links... ie

    alter database rename global_name to;

    change to match your dblink....


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