Ok, I want to make a script with PHP or javascript or something that looks and acts like a terminal prompt with a blinking cursor and responds to a predefined set of inputs. Its sounding simple, but I am not sure if theres any way to achieve this. My ideas float around maybe a javascript response to certain keypresses, but i dont want to limit the "terminal window" to form fields or anything preformatted like that. Maybe theres a different language altogether that i could try. a great example of this concept i found was at massiveattack.com but it was a flach script. Anyone out there with any other ideas?

To recap: Ideally, it would be a generic shell/terminal simulator with a blinking cursor on a plain background that would go to a certain page when one types any certain thing, and maybe the result text/letters could roll out one at a time, or even line-by-line.

Any direction/suggestion would be awesome. Thanks in advance!