I am an online computer retailer selling hundreds of computer goods. I got my products from different suppliers ( 10-15 of them). They are kind of similar for they provide me with the same products, yet different for some products they provide are unique. Also, they change their product price everyday, and inform me by Excel file and/or by their web sites.
I run a web cart, which I update the products and their prices by uploading an Excel file containing the name of the product and the price. It is very challenging and tiresome for me to go over my suppliers¡¯ Excel files/or web sites trying to update the goods price so I can adjust my own price. And it is more difficult trying to pick the lowest price among so many suppliers.

So what I want is something that automatically reads the Excel files and websites and updates the product price ( and if the product is new, update my product list too) and also picking the lowest price among all the suppliers, and ultimately compile a list of new product price for me.

Or anything that does something very similar to streamline my product price and product list for my business. I would gladly pay those who solve this problem of mine. Either by suggesting me an existing program and script (be specific on what it is, where I can get it, How I can get it, etc.) And those who can write something for me such as office macro script or whatever to do the job. I will try to make it fair, and I hope we will be dealing on good faith.