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    Unanswered: Help with Javascript within eBay auction

    ok I used an iFrame tutorial to make an automatically scrolling iframe inside of my companies auctions. It seems that the javascript that makes the page autoscroll isn't allowed on ebay, no javascript is from what I understand. But also, as with all things computers, there is a way. There is, or so I hear a way to make it _javascript instead of _Javascript and it can get by thier filters. Does anyone know of this situation and have some tips on getting it straight? It is something we really want to use in the auction and it is nothing malicious at all. The link to demonstrate:

    Following is the script. Pretty simple, but I don't really understand it all. If you could tell me what to do to make this get by ebay filters I would be eternally "Grateful" If you get that reference I could send you something to show how "Grateful"!

    Thanks tons in advance!


    <script language="JavaScript1.2">

    var scrollspeed=cache=1

    function initialize(){
    marqueeheight=document.all? parent.document.all.aboutus.height : parent.document.getElementById("aboutus").getAttri bute("height")
    dataobj=document.all? document.all.datacontainer : document.getElementById("datacontainer")

    function scrolltest(){
    if (parseInt(<thelength*(-1))


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    Red face Re: Help with Javascript within eBay auction

    Please, if anyone knows of a way to hide java, please help me out.

    I'm begging...

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