could anybody help me, i am trying to do a a smple conversion in vb, using ado connection. i am trying to create a dbase IV dbf file using an ado connection parameter. (see codes below). but i always end up with an error messgae of "Syntax error in Create Table statement"..

i would greatly appreciate all your help.



--------- Codes --------------------
Private cnr as new adodb.connection

cnr.Open "Driver={Microsoft dbase driver (*.dbf)};UID=;PWD=;SourceDB=" + cExtractFile + ";SourceType=DBF;Exclusive=No;BackgroundFetch=Yes; Collate=Machine;Null=Yes;Deleted=Yes;"

cnr.Execute "create table " & cExtractFile & " (account N(8),fanchise N(4),rno C(11),orname C(40),notes C(25),trandate D,trantime C(8),deposit N(6),ptype C(2),branch C(6),thru C(6),bank C(10),chkno C(16),dochk D,amount N(16),user C(5),package C(3),posted L,xbilling L,scposted L,withsc L,scpay L,total N(16))"

-------- End Code -----------------