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    Unanswered: vb application slow down in the afternoon


    Language written: vb6 using ado to access db
    DB: Access2000
    Reporting: Crystal reports 8.5
    No of users: 6 users

    The application resides in a xp professional which works as the server, the workstations includes 5 win 98 and 1 xp professional. My client complain that in the morning, the application was very fast. After 12pm, the application starts to slow down. After 5pm, the application is so slow that they can't even work.

    Basically, they only have less than 30 transactions per day. Does it matters that i do not close the recordset tat i had created and thus result in bottleneck in network. Or there is some other issues that contribute to this problem? Pls advice?? Thanks

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    Most probably its some sort of memory leak, where you dont properly close the db or something. So it resides in the memory. (try rebooting a machine and see if that helps)

    Also the problem might be in the db itself, are indexes properly set? Does it bloat?

    It also may be a network problem depending on the other activities taking place on the network. Eg there may be a backup running or something.... (not smart to do on work hours but some ppl/companies do)

    Hope that will give you some new ideas.


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