I am not sure what it might be so I try to ask here. I have a nice application using tomcat 4.0.6 & mysql. The application runs fine, but in the last few day (I changed somethin in the code) there is a big problem:

The recordsets close somewhere in the code while being executet. I don't know how I did it, because it's only a problem with two entities. And in these entities I didn't change a thing, in the db or in java.

A little description for the surrounding:
For my application I use a connection pool, closing the connection everytime I don't need them anymore. In addition to this I use some cron jobs to send and receive mail every 5 minutes. For the mails I open a standalone connection to the db ( and I close it at the end!).

The problem came up, when I started the receiving of mails. And I don't know why.

One idea:

For receiving mails I use some of the classes I also use for my app. In there I import the ConnectionPool.class, but I construct the objects without using connecions out of the pool (because the connection pool is only available for tomcat and not for cron).

So if anyone of you had the same problem and has a solution, or anyone with any solution, please give me a hint.

Thx sonnenschein