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    Unanswered: Installing mySQL on a WinXP Machine

    Hello, I just found this post on the site, but no-one seems to have answered it, and it's just what I need. (Am having nightmare trying to get started with mySQL on a winXP machine (with IIS).

    Post was:

    From: Leo G. Divingracia III
    Date: 07-24-03 22:19
    Subject: new project: MySQL for win32 installation for DUMMIES...


    i think it's time something like this is needed, unless someone has done
    this already. of course with all due respect to dummies...

    I. installing on a win32 system
    a. win 9x
    b. win 2000
    c. win xp
    d. win 2003

    II. starting it the first time
    a. password?!?
    b. i still cant connect...
    c. reinstalling MySQL when the SHTF

    III. how to set permissions
    a. USER table
    b. how to install users
    c. GRANTing rights vs USER table manual adding.

    IV. GUI front ends

    V. going from a win32 desktop DB to MySQL
    a. MS ACCESS
    b. xBase

    VI. AMP (this section could in part I)
    a. FOXSERV
    b. AMP triad
    c. SWAMP

    feel free to add anything. remember, this WILL BE win32 specific.

    this will be intended for people NEVER having installed mysql before.
    so we have to assume the worse. lots of screen shots. this needs
    to be a visual guide. no mentioning of RTFM...

    Leo G. Divinagracia III


    Does anyone have these kind of guidelines somwhere?

    Thanks, Lx

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    Is there any gain to IIS?
    I installed Apache, MySQL and PHP on a windows machine with no problems.

    I am very new to this but have been messing with GUI's like

    EMS MySQL Manager
    and SQLyog

    for importing data.

    There are far more educated people than me here hopfully you can get the info you need.

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    I don't know, to be honest.

    But, I have been using IIS, and I am happy with it. So I want to keep it... simple as that really!

    IIS can't be so bad surely?!

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    IIS may be superior to what I am running, I have no idea. Since I am not partial to anything, I took what worked for me, I only set up IIS when i wanted to practice with an Access DB.

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